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It's been a while

Hello, you all.

It's 5:30 in the morning of March 10, 2011. So much has happened.

I will narrow it down to a few very interesting details.

I moved out of my aunt's house in September and moved to an apartment of my own across the street from my boyfriend's house. Oh, yes. My boyfriend. Ricardo and I are doing better than ever since we met in August last year.

My house doesn't look much like a house, honestly. I don't earn enough to pay my own rent and at the same time buy furniture, so everything has been donated or lent to me. My mattress (on the ground, asian style), a table, a thing with baskets for my groceries, a little fridge, a wooden wardrobe, a little couch. Little by little I filled my fridge with food and my mom sent me an HD TV. Ricardo donated his sound system so I can listen to music. And I hired cable so now I have cable in my house too. Ricardo hacked someone's nearby internet signal so now I have free internet too. Hah, don't hate, necessity makes you steal internet.

I still work at that call center assisting Ready Mobile customers. But I'm not very pleased. It's taking a toll on me and my brain is always so tired. I'm hoping that when I start school I can quit my job and do something less stressful.

I took the entrance exam for UNAM last month, and the results are posted the 27th of this month. I'm terrified and excited at the same time. I felt sure of my efforts at the exam but it was tricky, so anything can happen.

My mother is missing me like crazy, and I'm missing her and my brother like mad (and my cat Hachi), so she bought me the plane ticket to go see her. I still have my valid visa and passport and my flight is on April 28.

I have no complaints, really. It hasn't been easy at all, I admit. I live to pay my rent and the rest of the money has to be counted carefully because a miscalculation can lead me to not pay my rent or my cable. My boyfriend worked with me for 2 months and quit right away because he doesn't need to work. His family earns a lot of money on their family business and he gets an allowance to spend while he's at school in exchange for help on the weekends in their business. Quitting gave him the flexibility to continue studying Physics at UNAM without interruptions. The only time he doesn't go to school is when he stays here with me and sleeps in because of how comfortable we feel sleeping together and waking up next to each other. :)

My relationships with co-workers are a big part of what keeps me sane in this land. They all speak native English because they're in the same situation I'm in so I feel right at home talking to them. Some of them are so sweet and supportive and some of them are reckless and fun. I love going to parties with them. Too bad my work schedule interferes with my partying and sometimes I have to sleep early. :|

Sometimes I feel very lonely. I miss my friend Helmi with all my strength and I constantly dream of places in LA I used to visit. While I was there I took those places for granted and now I dream I walk through those streets. I dream of Chinatown and the lucky fountain. I dream of Little Tokyo. I dream of rose-flavored ice cream in West Hollywood. I tell Ricardo so many cherished stories and memories and I know he's dying to see everything, so he's working on requesting his tourist visa.

I've been staying as positive as possible. My mom has been sending me money often but I don't particularly use it to buy anything fancy. I've been using her money to survive. So I can have a little more money left over after paying rent. And so far she has never denied me her help when it just seems like I ask her for money.

My dad is the one that hasn't helped me. In fact, he owes me money. But I'm done having bitter and ill feelings for my father for stupid things from the past. I talk to him often and stay in touch because I've decided to forgive him.

Those are the main things that have happened. The rest, you might be able to imagine. It's been an emotional roller coaster. I've cried my eyes out dozens of times from the desperation. But Ricardo always wipes my tears away, picks me up and dusts me off. He's been my angel.

So far, I don't regret having moved here. And I know that when I go to LA, after a week, I'll already be itching to go back home to my hubby and my comfy apartment.
Touch Me

Remember me???

So I bet you're all looking through your friends-page like, "WHO THE FUCK IS THIS? Oh, it's Mari. Wasn't she dead?"

Well I'm not dead, my darlings. I am alive and well and let me just say I am very VERY happy.

Last time I updated this LJ I was in Las Vegas. I'm not even going to start mentioning what happened in Vegas because it's a whole bucket of drama that just makes me angry and I'm pretty comfortable with the life I'm living now so I don't want to relive the BS.

I moved back to my beautiful home country, Mexico, on July 23rd. My plan at first was to move to Aguascalientes, a peaceful city where my grandparents live. My mother and grandparents wanted me there so I can have a place to live and won't need to pay for a thing. My dad is also living there with his wife and daughter so I have plenty of family and support there. But once I stepped foot in Mexico City I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to live there and work on making it to UNAM, my university of choice.

The first thing that became difficult for me once I was already in the city was finding a place to live. I spent almost an entire month sleeping in several different houses with different family members. At the moment I'm settled in my aunt's house but to be honest, I need to get out of here ASAP. They're not very nice to me here.

But good opportunities are coming to me slowly but surely. I have a job now, as a call agent for an American cell phone company called Ready Mobile (and Trumpet Mobile too). My job here is a bit high-class so we do have a lot of luxuries at work as well as good wages and benefits. It's a good job for now but my plan is the bigger cake, so I'll be training to be an English teacher very very soon, as soon as the next 6 months.

As for my social life? I think it's kicking off. Back in January I met a guy on twitter named Ricardo. How did we meet? It was strange. I mentioned my wish to study at UNAM (my moving decision had JUST been made so I was excited) and he randomly tweeted to me saying he could help me with any info I needed on that particular school because he was also a student there.

I was happy with his help so we started chatting on MSN constantly. Something developed between us...

Yeah, you can tell me it's dumb to fall for someone online but here's the twist, we finally met in person because he lives only 20 minutes away from where I live at the moment. From the moment we met he's been nothing but helpful and caring. He's given me everything on a silver platter, including my job (he took me there himself). His mother helped me find the apartment that's going to be mine next month. He looks and looks for information to give me and just makes me life so... easy and pleasant.

I don't know what happened. I don't even understand how it happened, but I fell really hard for him after meeting him in person. It took us a while to realize there was something there, so for a couple weeks we played a bit... kissing and holding hands, becoming closer. The game got serious and we fell in love.

So on the day of his birthday last Monday, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes.

I met all his friends when he threw a party in his house. Incredible people.

The thing I love about Mexico City is the warmth that you receive from strangers. Everyone says hi with a kiss on the cheek no matter who you are. All of Ricardo's friends treated me as if they'd known me for years and that is something I will never cease to appreciate.

What can I say? I'm living a life full of love and adventure. My boyfriend is amazingly supportive and loving, my job is exciting, this city is gorgeous, and today I officially turn 22. Yes, I wish I had my family with me right now but I don't feel so bad that they're not here because I know I made them proud by taking this risky step and actually succeeding. Now the dangerous and exciting part of this story comes when the entrance exam for UNAM comes around. That one is going to be TOUGH.

But Ricardo has also got my back with that. He's tutoring me. Can I get a more wonderful boyfriend?

So I'm off to get some sleep. I have to work tomorrow. On my birthday. Meh.

I really miss some of you guys, the ones reading this and the ones that aren't. And I miss the ones I no longer have friended on this journal. I miss some of the happy times I lived in the past, trips I've made to see some of you, time I've spent with some of you. And I miss those all-nighter conversations I've had with many of you, some on AIM, some on the phone. I miss the hugs and I miss the laughs. I miss the friendship.

All the things that I miss are the things that have helped me become who I am today. The things I miss no longer exist except in my memory, but thanks to those memories I can take the liberty of remembering and laughing stupidly in the middle of the street, or crying a couple tears when I listen to a song we shared. It's all a part of the puzzle that is my life, like grains of sand I've collected in a bottle and keep on the nightstand to remember what a great time that sand represents. You are all responsible for the happiness I'm living right now and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I love you all.


Hello, my dears. I finally made the sales list of most of my tmr stuff. I need the money to buy my plane ticket to Mexico so it'd be nice if you check it out and tell others about it.

I kept all the cool stuff and all the DVDs. ;)

Pictures of everything are ready upon request.
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Gosh, I hope I make at least a little bit of money from all this stuff.
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MY NEW JOURNAL. My life in Mexico. It will stay public as long as it is open and if we drift apart now, you can find me there in the future. I will not deny friends requests and will not lock entries. Anybody is welcome to comment.


Name comes from UNAM's motto, "Por mi raza hablara el espiritu." "For my people my spirit will speak."